Difficulty with New Update/Create Contact Module in HubSpot

I’m having a lot of trouble with the latest HubSpot update, and I’m not sure who to blame for it. Let me explain what happened.

A couple of weeks ago, HubSpot released a new update, and I was excited to try out the new features. I manage a lot of client accounts and use HubSpot Automation as a big part of my work. I’d already worked with the new HubSpot API and was looking forward to seeing what else was new.

But then I noticed a problem with the Update/Create Contact Module, which used to be really great. It was simple and easy to use, even for someone who doesn’t know how to code. But the new version is much more complicated, and it feels like a step backward in terms of usability. I now have to create a logic out of Search, Create or Update modules, which is much more difficult.

I’ve included a diagram that shows the differences between the old and new versions.

If anyone knows of a better way to use this module, please let me know.

I need to revisit HubSpot and see what are the new changes, as there have been a lot of threads dedicated to similar issues in the last few weeks.

I can provide you with a Make an API solution if you can share what you are trying to accomplish and what issues you are having with it. From the initial glance, it seems that Make has removed Create/Update contact with a Create and Update Contact Module as a standalone, is there any new changes beside this.

Sometime, It also depends on how the new v2 API has been designed on Hubspot, which might have limit on how the app has been created.

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Yes I noticed that too! It looks like they deleted this module which was very useful. Now it’s so stupid, you need to create a router and first check if the user already exists. That is ridiculous!
I hope they will fix this issue…

I think Zapier still has this module.

My current best solution is the following update from my first post. After spending some time with the new Create/Update routine I figured that it threw errors from time to time. The reason is that the Search Results from HubSpot are not real-time. A freshly created contact (in my case from a 2nd make-scenario) won’t show up in search results BUT will create a error once you try to create another account with the same email.

The main difference to my first posting is that I use the error-route in this version. The date store keeps a UUID for identification through the steps and a free field for the ContactID from Hubspot which gets populated along the upper path. Either a new contact is created or updated, the ContactID will be passed into the 2nd, lower path of the scenario which is the main path towards other modules. You will have the entire Contact Details dataset from the Get Contacts and you can continue to work with that.

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