HubSpot - Modules that shouldn't change require update

I saw the email regarding the changes about to occur with the HubSpot modules and wanted to take care of it.
It seems, however, that some modules show the upgrade sign but have the exact same name. Is there any detailed post/resource that has more than the email that was sent? Should I also change the same module?

Hello @Amir_Igra welcome to the community :wave:

The module you are mentioning is the new version of the module from the new version of the Hubspot app. We highly recommend upgrading to the most current version for all modules you are working with.

Thanks @Michaela!
Is there also a way of doing the switch in a semi-automatic way?
Or at least an ability to open the modules one next to the other so the switch will be easier?

You could use the DevTool extension to help you out with it :slight_smile: