Hubspot to Wrike Connection

Hello I’m trying to connect my Hubspot CRM to send deal details when a deal has entered the “Up for Approval” stage. In my scenario, when I try to map Deal Stage, I’m seeing a field that is not in Hubspot.

Are you able to help me identify which mapping I should use as I cannot find the deals I see in hubspot.

Hey @Randy_Agyeman-Danso

The ‘Deal Stage’ is actually a Hubspot property that you must have selected in the ‘Watch CRM objects’ module. If you only want to take actions on a particular deal stage, then you can add a filter after the ‘Watch CRM Objects’ module:


I hope that helps.


Thanks for your reply. I added the filter and nothing is being triggered. Hubspot recognizes theres been an update but nothing is sent to my wrike action.

You need to input the Hubspot Internal Name of the deal stage you’re trying to reference. You can find this in Hubspot when you are editing your deal properties and hover over the code icon. Look at the ‘Internal Name’ section here: Create and edit properties