I am getting errors Upserting with a Record ID to Airtable

How do I upsert a record where I have an existing Record ID to Airtable? I currently get an error:

that doesn’t like like an Airtable record ID to me, I know it says it is, but Airtable record IDs look something like this: recqGL1mteC2YFfJx

Can you send through a screenshot of how you have the upsert module configured and perhaps a bit of information about where your data is coming from, etc.

That could be it, let me check and get back to you, thanks!

Ah, so that could be the issue. My firebase doesn’t store the Airbase Record ID. So that would explain it. Seems like I would need to do a search first, then pull the Airbase Record ID, then do an Upsert, is that correct?

Correct, that would work!

If you have something completely unique, then you are fine. If not then you need to figure out how to locate the exact two things you are trying to match.

Hi, so I do a search by a unique value in Firestore.

Then I wanted to update the record based on that Id. But I get a validation error:

I search Airtable in the following way:

Hi @assembly , you’ll need to use an Airtable formula in the Formula field. So it would look something like: {FirebaseIssueID}=“{{1.Name}}”

The {{1.Name}} part is what you have in there now, it’s just in the machine readable format. You should be able to copy and paste the formula I wrote above directly into that Formula field.

Let me know if that works!

Dan from MergeYourData.com

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