Struggling to update multiple Airtable records (using their ID)

I’m trying to build a basic scenario to pull videos from TikTok and take them to Airtable. Pretty easy.

I’m using the Upsert module, since allowing for updates would be useful. Atm I’m testing with a TikTok account with 2 videos. New records get added without issues.

Then I started experimenting with updating a record. But I find the record ID hard to use since I don’t know it beforehand. I can search for one, but it forces me to select 1 single ID. So when it runs, it only updates 1 record (the matching one obviously).

But there are 2 bundles, and 2 operations. What I’d love is for the run to add new records, and update all existing ones. How could I achieve this?

Many thanks!

:camera_flash: Relevant screenshots

Hi. If you dont know the ID to update it, you must search for video ID you have stored in Airtable before create/update the Airtable rows.

Thanks, Helio!
If you have questions reach out :wink:

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