I can not find a specific monday.com Board when I search for the boards in the connection

I am trying to build an automation which is ( when column value gets updated )
I can not find the board in Monday when I look it up in Make.
Any help why is this?
The board is Public

Hi @Dr_Artur_Schaefer

You can get the board id in your trigger module or you can use “get an item” module by running with any pulse/item id to get the board id.

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Are you sure the API key is up to date? Additionally, make sure the API key has full access.

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+1 My make cannot access a couple of specific boards that it could access previously. I am still owner of these boards within monday.com. I can query the board from the workspace, but am unable to use other modules which require unmapped access the these 2 specific boards.

@Dr_Artur_Schaefer I think i know what you are talking about, so if i get it right, what works for me is that on the trigger module, or any other module where i need to Choose a Monday board, instead of selecting or a searching a board in the dropdown list (that can’t be found), turn on “Map” and type the board ID:

It happens more often with Sharable boards for some reason…

@Zack_Fry sometimes it could be related to the type of board private vs sharable, in most cases i was able to solve with mapoing the board ID…. In some caes i had to change the board to Private, duplicate it, was able to find the new board, delete the old board and then change the new one to sharable :sweat_smile:


This worked perfectly! Thanks a million, hopefully will resolve @Dr_Artur_Schaefer issue as well.
A note on this, it happens to be a private board with many other connections, so I’m very happy that it has resolved without the duplicate/delete workaround. Thanks again :smiley:


Glad to hear it did the trick :grinning: :+1: