Monday - Get and Item - Choose a "Shared" Board

What’s up everyone?

I had this issue before with Monday Get an Item, and I had to duplicate a board in order to solve it and now I have it again:

  1. I can only “select” a board but can’t type a board ID
  2. I can only choose Public boards, whereas my board is NOT public

Any clues? Seems like a Make bug, at least we should be able to Map the board instead of selecting it…

Hey @OmriNyx as you mentioned this might be some bug
here are some ways to troubleshoot the situation

check basic permissions of private board

try re-authenticating your connection

If it’s okay try temporarily making the board public to select it within the tool, and then revert it back to private

check if the account you are using has access to the private board



If you are using the “Get an Item” module, You don’t need to have the board ID as the Pulse ID is unique throughout the account. It will only return that pulse.

Hope this helps


Yes, in theory i think you are correct, in practice it doesn’t return results, probably because of this bug…

Thank you… No issues with permissions. From the last time it happened, changing the board type doesn’t help, I have to duplicate the board then use the newly created board :face_with_thermometer: :face_with_head_bandage:

Apparently there was an issue with the Connection Token although the connection itself seems OK without any errors. Once the Connection is fixed, all is back to normal :face_with_head_bandage: :zipper_mouth_face: :expressionless:


Hey there @OmriNyx :blob_wave:

Congratulations on solving your issues successfully with some help from @ThakurHemansh and @Joseph_Honig!

Also thank you very much for remembering us and providing the final solution that fixed your scenarios. We greatly appreciate it. :pray:

Keep up the awesome work!