IF Clause for JotForm - Klaviyo


I have the following scenario.

I have a jotform. In this Jotform People get asked if they want to have Service A or Service B. After selecting Service A or Service B People get differnt contact forms to fill out.

I want to have a Make.com Function that Add the people to my KLaviyo Account in 2 Differnt LIsts (Service A and Service B).

Anybody an idea how to do it with make.com?

Hello @Tobias1,

If you add a Jotform module to your Scenario, you can set it up to receive the data from Jotform when the form is submitted. Is this the part you need help with?

Please share what you have already, and what you need help with adding or modifying.

After the Jotform module, add a router. After the router add two Klaviyo modules. Between the Router and Klaviyo modules is a line with a wrench icon, click that to set up a filter. Set up one filter to match submissions that have Service A selected and the other filter for Service B. Each Klaviyo module will be set up according to the path they follow. Hope that makes sense.


Hi @Tobias1 - that sounds like a great use-case for Make!

To add to the comments from @Donald_Mitchell I’d recommend that you check out the Make Foundation course in the Make Academy. This course contains a module that talks specifically about Routers and Filters.

The Make Academy introduces you to all the concepts in Make in a simple, structured way. And all the courses are completely free of charges.



thank you for your help! I did it like you described, see attached image. But somehow it get no data? If i fill out the jotform and submit it, it still does not get triggered. I have chosen the following trigger " Watch for Submissions

Triggers when a new submission comes and fires the scenario automatically after new submission message is received."

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Hello @Tobias1,

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with this.

All I can say is Jotform module is configured to listen to submissions on one form, while you’re filling out another.
Or, the integration simply just isn’t working.

I can say I just tried to set this up and I’m getting errors with my Jotform instance, but I don’t know if that’s because I am not a paying customer to Jotform so maybe it’s not supported. However, I was able to set up a Webhook integration on the Jotform side, and that calls to a webhook set up on the Make side.