Ignore case with text functions?

Is there some way to ignore case with text functions? I recently realized the map function can be a more elegant way to filter data than route filters, but I can’t seem to find a text function to replicate the case-insensitive functionality available on route filters.

Here’s a use case where this messes me up: let’s say I want to match incoming form fills to CRM records on first AND last OR email. Now, these are Gen Z students filling out a form on Discord, so they are quite likely not to capitalize their names. So young testy mctest’s Discord form submission will not match to Testy McTest’s CRM record in ClickUp:

“Testy McTest” will pass the dedupe filter even if I apply a startcase function to the mapped first last, turning “testy mctest” into “Testy Mctest” with the T still lower-case:

Of course I could just use a route filter here with a case-insensitive operator, but I’m just curious if there’s a way to do this with a text function that I’m not seeing.

Hi @Robert_McKay,

I think you have already figured out that the map function is case-sensitive, so I guess that’s why you are using the startcase function.

I think what you want to do is, instead of using Text Opeartors equals to function, use Array Length greater than 0, cause I think everything else looks good, the map function returns an array and to solve this, you will have to use either first or last function to get name/email as a string or just change the filter type to array length greater than 0 .


Ohhhhh so my problem was that it was returning an array not just that the capitalization didn’t work. So I guess there’s no way within a function to just ignore case altogether? But thank you very much for pointing this out. I will implement it and I guess the McSomebodies will just have to deal.

To deal with names with non-starting caps (McTest etc), could I somehow apply the lower() function to both the mapped array element and the value I’m matching it against? Not sure where in the function I would wrap with another lower() function to make them both lowercase though… Any ideas? I’ve implemented this but not sure how to see what it’s actually returning.