Ignore errors and continue scenario

Hi Hi,

My scenario checks the Facebook public page and sends new posts to Discord.
If there is a photo, they will download it and send the raw data to Discord.

The problem is that if the photo does not exist, my scenario does not continue without the photo (text data will not be sent).

the image does not exist = the text data does not get to Discord

There are few things you need to add plus, you need to change to get this working.

The first one is, Instead of using Ignore Module, You can use Commit Module as an error handler. Now for the Discord one, I will suggest you to have a router in between the Current Discord Module and the Array aggregator, which will route based on following condition, First Route, If the File exists then use the Discord Send a Message Module with the files, if not use the discord module on another part of the route with no file related settings.

Problem with this approach is the array aggregrator, so maybe you can use the router before the HTTP module and then trigger send message based on whether there is file present or not.


Thank you for help me,

I wanted to create a filter based on exists image but
even if there is a top tree (scenario) filter, it still continues and ends up with an error. what am i doing wrong in the filter settings?

I want to set, when the image does not exist, that the lower part of the tree (scenario) is used.

Hmm, Can you try either adding a filter after the array aggregator checking if array length is greater than zero or in the aggregator settings you can add stop after empty aggregration.


It still doesn’t work for me.

Do you think you could send me a scenario that would help me understand how to correctly split the scenario branch if there is an image (or some data)?