Incoming Invoice automation & OCR data extraction - Issue with Rossum

Looking for the solution to the following issue, any tips would be much appreciated:

The desired workflow:

Email containing invoice attachment is starred (manual)
Email attachment (invoice) is uploaded to Rossum (automated via Make)
OCR Data obtained from Rossum is added to the make scenario via the “Export an Annotation” Rossum module action (automated via Make)
The invoice file is uploaded to a specific google drive folder and the file name has to follow a specific naming convention using the Annotation data “Vendor Name_Issue Date_Currency,Total Amount Due”(automated via Make)

:exclamation:The problem:

The OCR data from the exported Rossum annotation can’t be accessed/used. For example, the file is successfully created in the right google drive folder but the file name is completely blank even though specific fields from the Rossum OCR data were selected as the new file name.

We have already try to work around this issue by using Rossum’s API but Make keeps on returning a 400 error message.

See below screenshots for reference:

Hi @Luis_Piamonte ,

You are mapping arrays inside of your google drive module. This usually doesn’t work as you expect it.
Since Rossum is giving back an array of data (identified by the [ ] within the variable) you should try to use the “Iterator” module and iterate over the items. You should then successfully be able to upload files with the correct name.

If you need any more assistance let us know.

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Thank you for the suggestion Bjorn, I have tried implementing the iterator module in the scenario but the file name is still coming up as blank in the google drive folder.