Insert image in Medium post - How to do it?

I’ve a markdown text, an image in an airtable database and I want to create a blog post from it.

The text is successful, however I can’t get the image as feature image displayed. I tried:

  • transform Markdown to HTML, include URL and send it to medium: image is not shown;
  • tried Markdown as well, same result;
  • upload file to medium: I don’t see it anywhere in the medium environment (I think I don’t understand the function ‘upload image to medium’)
  • tried to find an example, but I couldn’t find it.

I’m a beginner, so maybe I missed something obvious, but I don’t know what. So please, any suggestion.

It is a problem at my side, uses the wrong markdown tag. Using the right tag and problem solved!


Hi Mark, I have the same issue. Can you please share more details on ho you sorted this out?
Moreover, have you manged to find out how the “upload file to medium” works?
Thank you!