Inserting operators with the keyboard, not clicking

Very simple question for the experts here. When I’m creating a formula, I have to click the operator I want (the green “=” in this case) otherwise it doesn’t compute the logic correctly. Is there a way I can type this? For example, if I type {{now}} it is the same as clicking the purple now item.

When I was testing, I found the following:

if(3>2;“more”,“less”) - this will not compute correctly unless the “>” is again the green version that I click and drag into it. Is there a way to access all of these operators via typing? It can slow me down a little to click.

Great question (I too love my keyboard :slight_smile: ).

In general you can type the following in order to get the right operator


and so on…


Ah of course! Thanks Darin, looks like I’ll be working a lot faster in Make today :slight_smile:


extending on what @Darin_Patterson said.
Been using Make since last 5-6 years to augment my code/rapid prototype.

I Find autohotkey is a great way to deal with a lot of these little formatting issues. or deal with certain repetition. something simpler to learn like gaming macro software also works well.


That’s really useful, thank you