Remove Automatic Formula Pop-Ups please 🚨

Hey there! I really need to post this everywhere, because this morning I woke up unable to do my job. Please can Make revert the change they made to the formula editor.

There are automatic pop-ups occurring everywhere. Please please please disable this. It’s a terrible user experience. I know to hover over the formula if I want help, but your auto pop-ups are the worst thing I’ve ever experienced. Please remove! :sob:

I created a Loom to show you what I mean:



I agree with you Andy. Most of the Make UI changes I like. But this one does get in the way.


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One thing I do is I copy and paste the full text of an expression into a text editor and edit the whole expression there. When I know exactly what I need I don’t bother with the small text boxes which are meant for the smallest possible expressions. There should be an advanced mode that turns off the expression pop up or maybe even just a keyboard modifier that pop ups the helper windows when necessary.


Yeah - I always do that as well, but I also rely on having visibility when using Make’s editor, because often my formulas can get huge, and I need to validate that I’m bringing in the correct field.

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Hi @andywingrave, thank you for bringing this up here :pray: Totally agreed that this makes working with functions really painful. I just wanted to let you know that we’ve shared your feedback with our devs and the team is now on it. The fix is coming soon.