INstagram business post a reels cover frame

Hello I’m trying to upload instagram reels from my airtable attachement. i can’t seem to figure out at cover frame what datapoint am i supposed to be filling in, i know it’s by the time of the video clips, but what do i put in?

Hi @bong,

Try to put in the location of the frame in the video that you want to be used as cover, in seconds.


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i doesn’t seem to work , that’s why i can’t figure out what parameter to put in , i’ve seen ppl put something like this , but it doesn’t really make sense to me

Well now you added a conditional, which only puts a value in the field on a condition.

Can you share with us the input and output bundles of each module and the error that you receive?

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this image is from some else’s quesiton , i can’t figure out how to work it

If you cannot provide the information, we cannot help you.

Try to fill in an absolute number, to see if that helps.


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