Instagram Connection has to be reauthorized every 60 days

Every 60 days our Instagram Modules fail and throw the following error:

Failed to verify connection 'Instagram Connection'. Status Code Error: 400

After we manually reauthorize the connection it works again for 60 days. We have a lot of different Instagram accounts connected, so its really tedious to do it manually every time. Is there a way to automatically refresh the connection?

According to the Instagram API docs, access tokens can be refreshed before the 60 day expiry limit:

Use the GET /refresh_access_token endpoint to refresh unexpired long-lived Instagram User Access tokens. Refreshing a long-lived token makes it valid for 60 days again. Long-lived tokens that have not been refreshed in 60 days will expire.
Long-Lived Tokens - Instagram Platform - Documentation - Meta for Developers

Is it possible for Make to refresh the access token before it expires? If this is not built in, can we build a scenario that uses the refresh endpoint and updates the Instagram Connection?


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