Instagram for Business Page - no option

I am trying to make an automated instagram account where I watch videos from an account, then post those videos to mine while obviously crediting them. Thise error occurs when I am utilizing the Watch Public User Media through the Instagram for Business tab. Any help would be great.

I am not trying to make an instagram picture for a post, I am trying to make a video. I want to take an instagram video from another creator and then add my own caption to it, credit them, and the post it to my instagram account automatically.


@vyavasthapak ← This user is using ChatGPT to answer questions. We cannot use ChatGPT to answer questions on this forum, because ChatGPT has no knowledge of Make’s capabilities, functions, apps, and modules.

Not only that, ChatGPT is guessing the “steps” to make a scenario in this case. This is generally unhelpful as it wastes the user’s time.