Cannot connect to Instagram for Business

Can someone please help me connect the Instagram for Business node?

  • I have made a business account on Instagram
  • I have connected this account on Facebook
  • I have gone through the wizard steps to make the connection

My business account page just is not appearing.

  • I tried clearing the catch and login information across make, instagram, and facebook
  • I tried logging in and out of make, instagram, and facebook

Can someone please help?

Hello @Sterling, nice to meet you.

Maybe this will help you, open Create a photo post module and there you have the direct link for PPA:

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you require further assistance.



I’m having this same issue. What exactly do I paste into that? PPA? I don’t understand. What link goes there? It won’t auto-connect either on my end.

Hi @Darla_Shaw,

There is a recent answer to this problem here.

Could you try?