Instagram business - Page not detected

Hello Team,

Another question :slight_smile:

If someone use instagram business module for post. I have problem with it.

I connect my account but my page is not detected

I create an app on facebook developper too.


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Hi @hugo2,

There is a very similar problem here.
Fortunately, it is solved, could you try the given method?


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Yes but nothing different for moment

shoot in to the blue:
do you have an facebook page linked to the ig account? Do this in the meta business account.


Yes, I do all step. And I don’t use facebook module. Only Instagram.

Ok i’ll find. Instagram connection need to do on meta business account. Not on meta space account.

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yeah thats what I mean, glad YOU found the solution :thinking:


Oh sorry. I connect my instagram account directly on meta account. But no connected on business manager. Idk that we have 2 places to connect.