Cannot connect to Instagram

Hi. New Maker here. :grinning:

I’m attempting to connect to the Instagram Business module to create a photo post and encountering a consistent error.

I have already connected my FB account and it is active for my account and connected pages.

I cannot get the Instagram connection to go beyond the authorization first step and connect to my IG accounts.

I get a Bad Request error message after I click to proceed to connect the module.

I have confirmed that my IG account is a business account and other related settings for allowing. my FB account to post to it are on.

I have tired deleting the facebook connection and re adding it - but I keep encountering the error when trying to connect the IG module.

This is the error url:

There seems to be some sort of error happening when the permissions try to extend from FB. I see this panels.accounts.extending script try to run and fails.

Solved after many frustrating attempts. Needed to delete connection, clear cache and cookies for FB / make / IG then reconnect via the IG module FIRST. This error seems to come if the FB module was connected first - then the IG one would not extend authorization. Seems backwards!

Hello there @ande welcome to the community :wave:

Fantastic work figuring this out! Also,thanks so much for sharing your solution with the community; this is super valuable :pray:

I ran into the same issue, and you solution works perfectly! Deleted the FB authorization and was able to finally add the IG connection and get the FB connection back again as well. Thanks!