Attempting to connect Instagram for Business

My goal is to connect the Instagram for Business module. I got the Connection to link to my facebook (as indicated in the screen shot). The issue I have is the Page is empty and it tells me that it requires the Page Publishing Authorization (PPA). The issue is the page that is linked on the forum and on Make goes to ad manager on Meta, which has no info regarding the Page Publishign Authorizaiton (PPA). This mysterious PPA appears in a Meta here: but it is no longer relevant since the info doesn’t appear any more on the dashboard. Apparently the PPA is of utmost importance, so much so that it seems impossible to figure out how to set it up. Does anyone have any instructions on how I can connect Make with Instagram for Business?
Screenshot 2024-05-23 at 11.57.00 AM

Hey @Codesto,
I’m having the same issue and similar discussions:

on the topic also did not resolve this problem.

  • I set up the IG business account (3 of them)
  • Connected them to my Facebook profile via Instagram
  • Set up the Meta Business Manager
  • Did these steps: clear cache and cookies for FB / make / IG then reconnect via the IG module FIRST. This error seems to come if the FB module were connected first - then the IG one would not extend authorization.

2 days have passed, and the IG pages are still not appearing in the field. I thank anyone for some help!