Instagram Module

Hey guys,

Does anybody else have an issue with the Instagram module disconnecting every couple of months? I have 40+ scenarios each connected to a different account and I have to log back into each account and reauthenticate each one. Is this a Facebook issue or does anyone know of a way around this?

Thanks in advance,


Hi @get-kieran,

I don’t know exactly as I don’t use the Instagram modules but I know there is a thing called access token & long lived access tokens. So maybe the connections you establish use an access token that expires after x days and there are tokens which are permanent.

If you found something I’d be interested if this was indeed the issue :see_no_evil:

Hope it helps!


I can confirm this behavior is on facebooks side, Instagram access tokens (actually all meta api tokens) are liable to be revoked/or temporarily suspended. if you dont keep up with your data compliance audits in the developer dashboard. the audits on my developer account are quarterly for example.

Even if you only use the api for personal use.