Integration With New MailerLite

When can we expect integration with the new MailerLite? Classic is the only option at the moment. ML launched V2 back in March.


This would be nice. Can we have some news from the Make team?


Also waiting for this. You can work around it at the moment by manually creating the webhooks in MailerLite and then using the Make webhook listener, but its time consuming.

Also MailerLite changed their the FQDN for the API calls in the new version, so whilst the json request and response formats seem similar, if you have any manually created calls to MailerLite and you’re using their new version you will have to update the base FQDN.

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Hey folks and welcome to the community to the new joiners :wave:

I just wanted to step in to say that for suggestions and feedback related to Make and apps on Make, you can use our :arrow_right: Idea Exchange :arrow_left:

It’s likely that someone has already raised this issue there so you can upvote it to bump it up. If you don’t find this particular topic on the board, feel free to log it in.

I posted it on the Idea Exchange just now. Head over and vote on it if you can.

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I posted this on the idea exchange but I’ve done a global search in this Make community and my post is nowhere to be found. How can people vote on it if there’s no apparent way to find it?!

Heya @here

I would just like to let you know that the new MailerLite is now available on Make :tada:

Thanks a lot for bringing it up, for logging it into Idea Exchange, for upvoting it, and - of course - for your patience :pray:


Just to quickly explain, the Make Community and the Idea Exchange are built on different platforms. That’s why you could not find the MailerLite app request with a global search here.

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Whoa! This is huge. Thank you :pray:t3:

My pleasure to be the bearer of such good news :blush:

Heya @here :wave:

Just wanted to bring your attention to this webinar where you can see the new MailerLite app in action :sunglasses:

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