Make + Easywebinar

Hi. Has anyone successfully connected easywebinar with mailerlite through make?

Hi @Nicola, and a warm belated welcome to the community! :wave:

I have personally never tried connecting Easywebinar and MailerLite. However, I did some quick research, and it seems that Easywebinar does not provide an API. Unfortunately, this means that using Easywebinar on Make is not feasible, because our platform connects services that offer public APIs.

If you’re open to alternatives, you could consider swapping Easywebinar for one of the video conferencing services that Make supports. This way, you can seamlessly integrate it with MailerLite or other compatible services.

Hi Nicola,

Depends on what you would like to achieve. It seems EasyWebinar has a get-response module which can send information to external sources. You could look into connecting that.

May I ask what are you looking to do in this integration?


Hi and thank you for your answer.
Yes, Easywebinar offers a couple of integrations, but the one for Mailerlite is missing. I can connect both via Zapier, but I was hoping to get another solution. I’d like to transfer the people who signed up, watched, watched the replay into a specific group in Mailerlite

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Thanks, Michaela. I’m quite happy with easywebinar. I have connected both via Zapier and it works fine, I was just trying to find a workaround

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Thanks a lot for the update @Nicola :blush:

Well, clearly my turbo Google search was not too efficient, and turns out Easywebinar does have a public API after all. Oops! :sweat_smile: Sorry about that.

Anyway, it’s awesome to hear that you have a working solution. But if you ever feel like giving Make another shot in the future, don’t hesitate to swing by the community again. We’ve got a bunch of Make wizards here who would be more than happy to lend a hand! :mage:

thank you Michaela. Well, if you have a solution for me using Make, I’m happy to. I’m using make for other automations and that was the reason why I wanted Easywebinar to connect with Mailerlite with Make too - in order to avoid Zapier