Need to integrate mailerlite with SMS-it

I can’t seem to find any info about integrating mailerlite with SMS-it. Anyone has this experience on how to do that? thanks.

Integrating MailerLite with SMS-it can be achieved using MAKE. With MAKE, you can create workflows that connect various applications and automate actions between them. Here’s an example workflow to integrate MailerLite with SMS-it:

STARTING: Set up a trigger in MAKE to initiate the workflow when a new subscriber is added to a specific list in MailerLite.
Ac1: Retrieve the subscriber details from MailerLite using the “Get a Subscriber” module.
Ac2: Use the retrieved subscriber information to send an SMS using the SMS-it module. Configure the message content and recipient number accordingly.
Ac3: Optionally, you can add further actions based on your requirements. For example, you can update a status or log the SMS sent in a Google Sheet or send a confirmation email to the subscriber.
This workflow ensures that whenever a new subscriber is added to your chosen list in MailerLite, their details are fetched and used to send an SMS via SMS-it. You can customize the workflow based on your specific needs, such as including additional steps or conditions.

As for finding an expert to assist you with this OR More integration.
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Thanks for your reply, it’s very helpful! Let me see if i could figure this out myself now :slight_smile:

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just wanted to step in for a minute and ask you whether you had the chance to test @Pro_Tanvee’s solution or figured out your own.

If yeah, could you get back to us and share your ideas or mark the response as a solution? :white_check_mark: Thanks to this we can keep our community nice and neat for others to find what they’re looking for.

Hi Vendy, i didn’t realize my email reply didn’t reach you. I’m logged in here now to reply you. Anyways, I actually want to switch from paddly to Make. I have one workflow in paddly right now. Can i book a zoom or google meet call with your team to show me how transfer things over real quick? thanks.

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Thanks a bunch for the update :pray:

I just wanted to clarify that, at the moment, we don’t provide demo meetings or live Zoom sessions. However, you can always post your questions in the Q&A section of the community, and we’ll do our best to assist you. Additionally, there’s also the option to connect with one of our certified partners who can lend a helping hand with this.

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