Integrations Browser: A Question (my first original post here 🤣)

Howdy Y’all got a question for the community!

I spend a lot of time browsing integrations and connections for my existing tools, to learn about new products I may be unaware of.

Mostly for fun, but often find big time saving/cost saving options for my problems by doing this.

The Problem:

:face_exhaling: TBH I get pretty frustrated with Apps & Software Integration | Over 1000 Apps | Make The integrations browser for make, in that it:

  • in “search view” CSS tricks have been used to make it intentionally difficult to copy and paste the name of the integration, or right click to “google it”.
  • Returns different results on the same search than is returned would browsing modules within the make scenario builder.
  • Search “Tags” and “Categories” come up pretty short.
  • Description Missing for what the Integration does.
    Suggestion for the make web team: scrape it please, just get first 100 words from each home page) :pray:
  • Link to the Website of the integration is missing
    • Idealy I would want 3 links, (pricing/devdocs/home) as big buttons on the page.
  • Back button in browser is broken on this page intermittently.
  • No Date that the integration was added.
  • No Date that the integration was last updated/integration docs were last updated.
  • no table view to compare integrations side by side.

Quite a bit more, but this is wordy enough. ill stop here :rofl:

My Solution:

I plan to use the :make: Make API + opengraphapi + retools logo finder + apify, + :make: make itself

To create my own version of the integrations browser, with multiple views and a user facing tags system. and have the api check for tool updates, to get notified when new tools are added, and autofill it out going forward. (also replacing the timeline feature that didnt make it in the imt->make transition.)

The Question:

:question:Before I do that:

Is there already something that exists on that presents integrations in a more useful way, that I missed? or has someone else beat me to it creating their own solution?

Thanks y’all!


Agree that the on site description of 3rd party tools is crazy … so basic. I’ve actually been unable to search and find some of the solutions. As in there was no link and the solution itself didn’t show up in google…


I might turn my scraping engine/unused compute resources towards tackling this task XD If I do it, the list will be published somewhere.

I’m more likely to today now that I found more 3rd party resources that help fill the gaps (companies that have licensed make embeded) Less google serps, less data that is likely to not be found after the engine does its thing.

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Credit goes to @zezutom :raised_hands: :partying_face: :beers:


Thank you @JugaadiTech , I’d call this a shared effort :grinning: Let’s see what can be done next…