Invalid Configuration Error Flow is empty and contains no configured module Origin Make

Hi Guys,
I am a newbie and try to do my first connection between Woocommerce and Google sheet
woocommerce it seems connected and everything is fine but when I run Google sheet does not answer.
It gives me no error so I run the error handler and this is the result:


Flow is empty and contains no configured module
Origin Make

Here it is screenshots on my configuration

Thanks in advance and sorry if my question is stupid :slight_smile:

Hi @Orders_KE

I could see that you have used watch orders module in WooCommerce. If there are no orders (referred to as “No Bundles”), the process will not proceed to the subsequent section.

The error present in the Google sheet is a result of a mapped value originating from the WooCommerce module.

To resolve this problem, kindly select a single existing order to execute the scenario. Follow the steps below to choose the appropriate data:

  1. Right-click on the WooCommerce module and select the “choose where to start” option.
  2. Opt for the manual selection and choose one option from the existing orders.
  3. Save your selection and execute the scenario.

After test run please make choose where to start to from now on to get new data.

For further implementation, please contact us.

Thanks & Regards

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Thanks it works fine now :slight_smile: