Invalid URL in parameter 'url'


I’m encountering a persisting issue in one of my scenarios.
I’m trying to build a new URL from another one taken from a field in a Notion database.
Eventually, the end of my scenario aims at injecting the newly built URL in another property of the same database item (URL sub-property of the “file” property).

However, Make keeps throwing me the same error even though the newly formed URL appears to be valid in a browser :

  • Invalid URL in parameter ‘url’.

I attempted to bypass a potential issue from the output of the “text aggregator” by adding another module “compose a string” that only takes the output of the previous module and makes a new (identical) string out of it.





Anyone to help me understand/fix this issue ?


I think you are missing the prefix, https://www.

Just add this and try again. it should work.



Thanks for your reply !
It did fix the issue. However, I had to only keep the “https://” without the “www.” in my case.
However, I’m still experiencing an issue with Notion which does not properly uses the update on the file property to display the actual image (located at the link) when using a gallery view.

hi ,did you find the solution, I have the same problem and still haven’t heard of make. Thanks!

Hi Susan,

No, I moved on from this issue without finding a complete solution to this issue.
I’ll make sure to update the topic here if I get back to it and manage to find one.