Is it possible? Facebook to Sendin blue?

Hello I’m new to here; I would like to know if with this software it is possible to extract the leads from facebook and connect them in Sendin Blue autoresponder. thank you in advance.


This flow check if user exists, if not adds user, then ads to sheet, then sends them a welcome email to the site, then adds them to a drip campaign.

Probably more than what it sounds like you need.
(ignore the error icons, i had to remove original modules that were named for confidentiality reasons before taking the screenshot)

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Thanks but how is it possible to do it? i have no idea about the process … sure I can do it for Sendin blue? Because I have looked for the connection and communication inside make and it tells me that the connection with sendin blue is not found

I am able to find it in my account.

there are some performance issues currently being worked on for scenario editing with the make team with module (first time) search with users who have many tabs open, or are located outside of the two primary regions. so if you haven’t added certain modules yet to a scenario it can take up to 30 seconds to find it.

(this is on the roadmap to fix)

I will provide more details on a more specific walkthrough shortly.

additional note: connections are initiated through the scenario editor (on first connect) not the connections tab.

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Thank you so much for the moment, I’m trying to do what you recommended. I’ll let you know if I can set everything up. Claudia.

of course, always happy to help

here is the complete breakdown just in case :slight_smile:

Facebook Leads to SendInBlue

Made by William Cowan with Scribe and reformatted with make for make

Create New Scenario

:exclamation: You Can Click any of these headers that have this “:arrow_forward:” icon, to see an image.

1. Create your First module

2. Search for Facebook Lead Forms

3. Select "New Lead"

:make: Instant Modules trigger immediately when the 3rd party sends the data

4. Login With Facebook by clicking add and following the steps

5. Click Ok to Save the module state

6. Click here to add module your next module

7. Search for sendinblue

8. Select Send an email(or sms whichever you are targetting)

:exclamation: You Will have to Input your API key from sendinblue to be able to continue. (I can link to documentation on that if needed) it is also given directly on the make module.

9. Map your important variables and content to the email.

:make: You can use SendInblue Templates to make this less repetitive.

10. Click OK When you are done.

:make: There are more modules available for both facebook and sendinblue that expand your functionality/give you better access to data depending on what you are approved to harvest from facebook.

11. Save Your Scenario

12. And Enable: It will Run Automatically when a facebook lead form is triggered.

:exclamation: Remember to do test runs before you enable your scenario.

Made with Scribe Reformatted for


Thankyou, I will try this today.

Just a couple of things re sendInBlue templates. When we first started, we used these heavily and they are good. A couple of tips:

  1. Ask them to unlock their dev tool for you. It makes it 1000% times more powerful.
  2. Consider not using the template variables, but instead building a template that just uses 5 variables, basically in blocks, and pushing chunks of HTML to them. That way you can use 1-2 sendInBlue templates for ALL your emails moving forward and changes take a LOT less time.

So instead of this…

You end up with something that looks like…

And then you build the HTML within your other systems or Make and push them into the header, body, footer sections. Saves us a TON of time and we have a lot less things to maintain.


Thanks I managed to do it. I have a question. This is to send an email after enrollment to the registered person, right? and if I want I can to go or enter in a funnel… If I just wanted only to put the contact on a list, which of these options can I choose? “List contact in a list” Is right?

Do you mean in sendInBlue or within clickFunnels or something?

Yes in Sendin blue: From Facebook to Sending blue

In the end I did it! I installed the path: export facebook leads + sending blue send the first message + create contacts
where creating contact is intended as assigning the contact to a specific list.
Thank for your help.


Good work! Glad you got it all figured out :smiley:

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Apologies, I couldn’t reply earlier, I was blocked as I am a new user and you can only post X number of times.

Looks like you got it sorted:

  1. Create a contact.
  2. Add existing contact to a list.
  3. Update a contact.

All do what you want. Are you using sendInBlue as a CRM? If not you can also use a transactional emails if you are just sending them a welcome email.

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I have made this:
Facebook lead Ads → Sending Blue (Send an email) → Create a contact → Google chrome notification, and in this way is working well.
I have to import contacts from Facebook, bring them to my database and send them a welcome email, which may also be together with a funnel.
Thanks, Claudia.


I made the previous links, (Facebook lead Ads → Sending Blue (Send an email) → Create a contact →) but it seems that the contacts do not enter the form linked to the Funnel. Do you know any chance how I can do it? because I can’t find the hook to the corresponding form in sendin blue in Make.
Thanks in advance for the help, Claudia.

Can you screenshot it for me?

(remember to redact personally identifiable information such as API keys)

This is the scenario. of which part would you like the screenshot?

thi is the screenshot for the “CREATE A CONTACT” part

Apologies, been slammed with work. Feel Free to DM me, I think I’m missing some details here on this. (will post final solution back to this thread)

Looks like we will need to wait for this issue to be solved though.