Is it possible to aggregate multiple data sources to 1 module?

Case study: I have several PDF documents that I would like to merge, I found the module (ilovepdf) to do the action, but I can not send the different documents (3 pdf) at the same time to the module.


You should be able to do that, I don’t have ilovepdf PDF access, but it should have fields to pass an array of data as an item that will be used to merge the Multiple PDFs.

Can you share how the Merge PDF module in Make looks like?

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hi @Jean-Patrick_Tanneau ,

try to use this template Google Drive to ilovepdf

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@Runcorn thank you for your quick answer.

Here’s the ilovepdf module :

But there is another thing that blocks, it is that I would like to merge 3 pdf within one (new document). And Make always asks me which document should be the “MASTER” file, but the problem is that it is not yet created

Ahh didn’t check the templates (dumb me). I’ll look into it Thanks Amine !

Hi @Jean-Patrick_Tanneau,

As from the screenshot it has PDF files fields that can be used to pass multiple PDFs that you have. Can you show me from where the individual PDF is being fetched in your scenario?

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