Merge pdf with Ilovepdf

Hi. So I have been trying to merge 2 pdfs that create in google drive (in the same scenario)

What happens is one document is uploaded as a pdf, another pdf is generated then I want to put the 2 together. I have tried pdf co and ilovepdf and I am getting the same results. When I send the data through, it says there is an issue with the data. When I send a link through, the same thing.

Here is an attempt just trying to get one file onto the module.

I have tried using the links as well but still nothing :frowning:

Sorry, this is the error I get

Hi @Jason_Blignaut

Can you post a screenshot of the iLovePDF module configuration in Make?


Hi @Loopz
Thank you so much

From the screenshot I don’t see anything wrong (I’m not an expert in Ilovepdf though)

We need to know if the generated PDF is a valid PDF file. I suggest you replace the ilovepdf module with a module that outputs the PDF in a way that you can verify/validate it. For instance you can email the PDF to you, or save the file in dropbox/googledrive.


Hey @Loopz I did, I had stored the file in google drive first before sending it to the ilovepdf module and still it would not work :confused:

@Loopz I am messaging the ilovepdf team as well to see why this is happening

I had a similar issue with pdf co

Were you able to open and read the pdf file content?


What if you ‘map’ the pdf file?


Hi @Loopz yes I was able to open and read the files. I have brought it up with their support team. I tried mapping, I tried file links, the works.

I had first reached out to ilovepdf and they said it was not their side so I have reached out to Make support

You tried and did so much, bummer that it doesn’t work yet…

Yeah @Loopz I downloaded both the files that had loaded onto google drive and merged them on ilovepdf manually and it worked. I think its an error in the metadata coming through from google drive or how the module interprets it

Hi @Jason_Blignaut :wave:

Based on the screenshots you provided, it looks like you’re trying to merge multiple files from different bundles.

If that’s the case, you may want to try aggregating them into an array and selecting the appropriate data structure from the “Merge PDF” module.

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Hi @Jason_Blignaut ,

Plus the original screenshot has filename as PNG which might have caused the issue in that run, but for the others, try implementing the other answers provided here.


I am receiving the same error. Was there ever a resolution on this? I have an iterator and aggregator setup with the target structure being the IlovePDF module. I have tried both uploading PDF by data as well as By URL link and I receive the same error every time.

Unfortunately not with ilovepdf. I changed over to using Cloud Convert

Thank you so much for the reply! Great to know.

Hello Jason_Blignaut

PDFco supports merging PDFs and non-PDF files. It’s a reliable tool that specializes in PDF manipulation, including merging multiple PDFs together. You can find more information and get started with the merging process using PDFco at this link: Merge PDF Files with Integromat.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email at Our team is more than happy to help.

Wishing you a fantastic day!