Easiest way to merge Google Docs?

Hello Makers,

I have the IDs and links for sets of 20-50 single page Google Docs.

  1. Is there a way to merge them into one file without using Google Docs API?
  2. Would there be if I converted them into PDFs?


Easiest way

Single module would grab the google doc, and append it to the pdf as part of the conversion.


Is this just for yourself? Because I’m always trying to avoid paid solutions.

If this is just for you, you might want to look into automation on Windows/Mac/Linux. I had the same problem and went on to download the folder & it’s one click on a Mac.

If you need it for further Workflows etc. I’m afraid there is no other solution than cloudConvert or similar solutions.

Thanks Richard, an interesting idea! Though it falls requires further step in the workflow thereafter.

They got 250 files for free / month.

Seems to offer “only” 250 files in general.