Is it possible to create an integration that would add an Instagram business account to my business suit?

Hey guys, I have never created automations using a Meta dev account. Here’s the challenge I’m facing:


  • I want to automate the process of adding an external Instagram account to my Meta Business Manager.


The client fills out an Airtable form with all necessary data that my automation needs to add his/her account to my Meta Business Manager → Automation in is triggered after the form filing → Gets all the account IDs (data), puts them into the HTTP “make a request” module, and adds the account to my Meta Business Manager.


This is the flow that I want to achieve. As you can tell, there is no human interaction after the form has been sent. Do you guys think it is possible based on the Meta API, if yes can you explain how to do it and focus only on Meta API/Custom Meta APP/HTTP modules related stuff?


I’m stuck on the Meta dev account part. I have created the app that should be able to connect to Make’s “HTTP” module, but I can’t make a request using it via