Is it possible to process outlook emails from the past?

I have a scenario that processes Outlook emails that are sent via an Outlook rule to a folder. I accidentally changed that Outlook rule a couple of weeks ago and it sent about 40 emails to the wrong folder. I’ve fixed the rule and I’ve moved those emails back to the correct folder. Is it possible to run the scenario on these past emails without clicking “run once” 40 times?

I’ve tried setting the watch email setting to run from a certain date. If I click Run Once, it processes the latest email from today.

The regular schedule is set to run every 10 minutes. Would changing that to a specific date range help?

Hello there @mapguymike welcome to the community :wave:

So, if I understand correctly, you’re trying to process these specific 40 emails, right?

If you right-click the trigger module and select ‘choose where to start’, you can then choose the first email to start processing your inbox from.

(Sorry about the Gmail module in the screenshots but I am not an Outlook user)

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