Is it possible to watch orders of many woocommerce in the same scenario?

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what you can do is create a main scenario that is triggered by a webhook…then create multiple other scenarios that have different “watch woocommerce” triggers…and then all they do is call the webhook using a http request module (passing whatever data you need)

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You can watch only the orders of one WooCommerce connection in one scenario.

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It would look like this… for simplicity, lets say you want to watch orders, add a row to a spreadsheet, then send and email. Something like this:

this setup would only allow you to watch 1 store. what you could do instead is setup multiple ‘watch’ scenarios (each watching a different store), which then use a http request to access a webhook which triggers the main scenario

something like this:
Scenario 1 watching store 1

scenario 2 watching store 2

the http request in both above scenarios simply calls the same webook in your main scenario

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