Is there a system than can build web apps for listing of api data, and forms to edit and submit them?


Not sure if is the right place to ask, but will be integrated into what i am asking below…

Does anyone know of an online or offline “api integration” builder? I dont mean an “API builder”, the results of such search show how to build APIs, but a “builder” to build a web interface of lists and forms that interact with APIs. So it’s not just a form builder, but one that can fetch data from an API and show in a list, and link to the form to edit or add new data?

If you use Postman then you’d familiar with making API calls which can POST, GET, etc data, and then show you the results, but its not in a user friendly interface for non-technical users to manage data.

So what I would like is to build a page that my staff can see a list of returned entries from an API, then click one to show a form of that data in it, edit it, or add new data. Its like Postman but with all the Postman stuff behind the scenes and a user friendly interface. I can’t find anythign online.

Thing is, I am an experienced web developer! I can easily create my own webpage with list and forms and interact with APIs. BUT I am too busy. It would take me a while. The whole point in me wanting to use Make and other services APIs is to make life easier for me and my staff, and automate things. I dont want to spend the next few weeks creating a web app to it all. I thought surely there must be an online builder that can do this, that woudl be amazing. But I cant find any. I know all form builders could submit data to APIs but what I want is more than that. Its a web app builder that specialises in creating lists and forms fron any API service. There must be one!



P.S. I am stopping using Google, so extra challenge is no Google services involved pleased :slight_smile:

You can try


Have you thought about the Forms for Make app that is available in Make from a 3rd party app provider,