Hubspot v2: how to "Submit Data to a Form"?

So I’ve noticed that I can’t use Hubspot v1 Submit Data to a Form with newly created Hubspot Form.
Instead, I believe I’m supposed to use Hubspot v2 module. However, there is no “Submit Data to a Form” available.

It’s not very clear how I’m supposed to perform this action now. Any recommendations ?


I had a look at Hubspot API Doc and it seems that the new Form API is either in development or in Beta. But the doc does redirect to Submit data for a form | Forms API

Which I believe is what was used for Hubspot V1 module “Submit Data to a Form”.

So the only solution seems to “Make an API Call” and use that legacy endpoint.

@ Make team, is there anything planned to have a “Submit Data to Form” module in the Hubspot V2 anytime soon ?


I tried using Zapier but I can’t find my new forms in there too. So I don’t know what’s happening.

Tho I found a workaround, reuse old unusued Hubspot forms that are findable in V1 Submit Data to Form.
Rename, change fields and you’re good to go.