Hubspot v2: how to "Submit Data to a Form"?

So I’ve noticed that I can’t use Hubspot v1 Submit Data to a Form with newly created Hubspot Form.
Instead, I believe I’m supposed to use Hubspot v2 module. However, there is no “Submit Data to a Form” available.

It’s not very clear how I’m supposed to perform this action now. Any recommendations ?


I had a look at Hubspot API Doc and it seems that the new Form API is either in development or in Beta. But the doc does redirect to Submit data for a form | Forms API

Which I believe is what was used for Hubspot V1 module “Submit Data to a Form”.

So the only solution seems to “Make an API Call” and use that legacy endpoint.

@ Make team, is there anything planned to have a “Submit Data to Form” module in the Hubspot V2 anytime soon ?


I tried using Zapier but I can’t find my new forms in there too. So I don’t know what’s happening.

Tho I found a workaround, reuse old unusued Hubspot forms that are findable in V1 Submit Data to Form.
Rename, change fields and you’re good to go.

Hey Mattheo,

Looks like you would just need to use the Hubstpot - ‘Make an API call’ module for now, and maybe upvote this feature request as well.: [App Improvement Ideas | Make]

It is very low on votes so it might be a long shot.