Is there a template to sync Google Contacts to another Google account?

Are there any examples out there of syncing changes of Google Contacts from one Google account to another? It seems like a common use case, but I’m surprised I can’t find any existing templates or examples of how to do it.

You don’t need a Template for this scenario, just create a new scenario with the “List My Contacts” module where you set up a connection with the first Google account.
Then use the “Create a Contact” module where you will create a connection with the second Google account and run the scenario.

To update changes set up another scenario where you watch for updates in one account and then update these changes in the 2nd account.


Thanks for the reply. Yeah, that’s basically exactly what I ended up doing. But it did take me some time to figure out how to do it, and I’m still surprised it isn’t a scenario that there is a template for.