Is there a way to edit the module number?

Is there a way to edit the module number. When I delete a module, i would like to renumber them.

Right now, I have 2, 10, 4, 8, 7, 9

During development I moved things around, I’d like to be able to fix that.

Unfortunately no. The number is also used throughout the scenario so one renumber will need to cascade through the scenario. That shouldn’t be too difficult but it hasn’t been a priority it seems compared to the other stuff out there.

I kind of figured that looking at the example scenarios I’ve been reviewing.


The numbers is just an internal id. It really has nothing to do with execution order pretty much ever.

@Matthew_Saragusa I found a way to do this. You can edit the scenario blueprint.

Firstly, export the blueprint of the scenario.

Next, edit the json file in a text editor:

Then save and reimport. The module number will be changed.

Note of caution, this has the potential to completely scramble any references you have to outputs from this module, removing what was there and possibly referencing the wrong module later on.

Also, I tried this with just a copy/edit/paste of the one module (as opposed to the entire scenario blueprint) and it didn’t work, it just incremented the module number when I pasted it back in.

Is this really the only way to deal with this situation?

Not that it’s a problem to edit the JSON, but hey, that’s an awkward workaround for a fundamental funciton.