Is there a way to reduce/ map/ merge routers back down to mitigate complexity?

I have a scenario that looks at information in a datasheet, then using about 10 routers and filters, it confirms that the data has a match in the sheet and then updates the row. The Routing and filtering is complex, but all the routes end up going to the same module (Add Google sheet row, writing “true” or “false” for matching).

Is there to route each router back to the same module? Or maybe I can set a variable named “Matching” at the end of each tree, which then gets written to the GSheet module, before the next bundle runs.

Any ideas would help with this complexity of having to clone modules.

You’re right to want to reduce the need to clone modules. Your scenarios might make a pretty picture, but too many routes with identical modules can lead to some major maintainability issues!

There’s some strategies for dealing with this in our Help system - one of which you kind of arrived at yourself :wink:

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