Is there any way to avoid NULL when parsing?

I’m trying to replace the empty value (NULL) when a new value of parsing data is empty.
Is there any way to replace that NULL with a placeholder or a default value instead of NULL?

Workflow is like this:
Google sheets watch rows > HTTP get a code file > parse module replaces the pattern /name/ with a cell value on google sheets(step 1 )> send an email: Hi /name/

If the cell value is empty, mail will be: Hi NULL

Hope to be clear,

Hi! @Juani Welcome to Make community!

I can’t see your output, but I would guess 1 of the 2 options:

  1. Null (as empty data) add Ifempty(your variable; {{desired value, or empty string}}
  2. if NULL (as string) if(var=NULL, {{Your desired value or empty string}}

Hope this helps!



Hi! Thank you so much.
I completely forgot about conditionals operators there.

This works:

  1. {{ifempty(variable; “placeholder”)}}


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