Is This Scenario Trigger Possible?

Hi. The following screenshot is here to assist the explanation.

I have a custom HubSpot CRM Deal field called “Save to Google Calendar” is a Single On/Off Checkbox. Visually, in HubSpot, this field is a dropdown with a “Yes” and “No” option to choose. My goal is to trigger an automation whenever it is changed to “Yes”. Is this possible with Make? If so, what trigger should I be choosing in Make and where/how exactly do I find it? Thanks.

Yes, it is possible. Watch CRM Objects is the module to be used.


Depending on your Hubspot subscription, pretty sure you can trigger a workflow in Hubspot that if that = Yes, to send a webhook to Make

Thanks, Jouher_Automator. I think I just realized (based on your response and revisiting) that not all of these are triggers. Do you know exactly what options I need to choose for this part?

Is this correct?

D-EFFCON, thanks for taking the time to reply. I have the free version of HubSpot.