Issue with Accessing `gpt-4-vision-preview` Model in Make (Integromat)

Hello Make Community,

I’m encountering an issue when trying to integrate GPT-4 into my Make scenario. I’m attempting to use the gpt-4-vision-preview model to analyze images and generate product descriptions, but I keep receiving the following error:

I have confirmed that my API Key is correct and my OpenAI account has access to GPT-4. Despite this, the error persists. Here are the steps I’ve taken in my scenario:

  1. Watching a Google Drive folder for new images.
  2. Downloading the added images.
  3. Sending the images to the gpt-4-vision-preview model using the OpenAI module.

I’m seeking assistance to understand why this error is occurring and how to resolve it. Has anyone else faced this issue or could offer insights into what I might be missing?

Thank you in advance for your help!

Best regards,

watching this, want the exact same thing happening, thanks.