Issues with GPT-4o Integration in Make

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Has anyone tried integrating the new GPT-4o model into Make? I’ve found that the “Assistant” module doesn’t work with the new GPT-4o.

Has anyone experienced similar issues or found any solutions? Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

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Experiencing the same issue, Make need to update their integration from v1 to v2 to support it. Would be good to get a timeline for their development.

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The same problem, GPT-4 assistants don’t work with gpt-4o, it says that I using v1 but it the latest

Same problem here. The announcement a few hours ago that integration with GPT-4o is available is a bit misleading for those of us that use assistants.

Same problem here, just waiting for them to upgrade the module.

Hello everyone @here welcome to the Make Community :wave:

It’s great to see your enthusiasm for trying out GPT-4o on Make!

Updating the OpenAI app is high on our priority list and the dev team is working to make it happen asap. As soon as there’s any news about the update being rolled out, I will make sure to let you know in this thread.

Thanks for your patience and support :raised_hands:


Thank you for the message. What is the ETA?

Hey @Mario_Zaric - Have you tried using the HTTP module yet and just making requests directly to the OpenAI endpoint instead? I know it’s less than ideal but may be an OK workaround in the meantime while the Make team updates their OpenAI module.


@nick_cph we don’t have a specific ETA to share at the moment. However, as mentioned above, this task is very high on our priority list. As soon as there are any updates, I will make sure to share them here.


We updated yesterday the Makemarket Assistant Module to support GPT-4o. By the way it also supports functions.

Check this post for more details: Open AI Assistant Module with GPT-4o and functions


Hi, I’m trying to use GPT-4o in our scenario but we’re still getting the same error:

We have enabled the newest model on the openai platform

Can you please share how to handle the error? I’m using the built-in integration, and I don’t see how I can apply the migration guide that is linked in the error message
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they did not, if they do they will lose 50% of their customers

A little harsh, give them some time to sort it out as they always do :slight_smile: