Issue with Salesforce

Hi guys,
I’m currently trying to extract some information from Salesforce using Make. I use Salesforce for my consulting firm, to handle all our projects. We have several students that are assigned to each project.
A student is a “Intervenant” object on our Salesforce, which is a sub-record of a “Project”.
So basically, I’m trying to get the name of a “Intervenant” (i.e a student) from the ID of a Salesforce Project.
I’ve created the following blocks :

  • one Salesforce “get a record”, which gets a specific record I picked as an example
  • another Salesforce “get a record”, which gets the “Intervenant” record from the Project chosen in the previous step
  • finally I create a Coda row which inputs the “Intervenant Name” in a table.

But it doesn’t work, whenever I run the scenario, I have no output in the Coda table. And if I look at the data that was collected in Make, I see nowhere the name of the student.

Thanks !


@Guillaume1 There is no output from your Salesforce “Get a record” when you try to find the Intervenant. Most likely this ID you are trying to get doesn’t exist or you are trying to use an ID which is different than it expects.

Make sure you are using the correct fields etc. :wink: Debugging this would be the best solution.