JSON Stringify for some fields


I have a multidimensional JSON that I map with a google sheets.

  • For the 1st level, I map it normally
  • For the 2nd level, I’d like to take the JSON as a string and put it in the Sheets field as is

For example

  • name → name field
  • website → website field
  • about → about field (with subtree as json string inside)
  • | - random data 1
  • | - random data 2

I’d like to put the JSON of what is in “about” as a json string in my field.

I’ve tried “toString(about)” but that gives me an “(object)” value in my Gsheets field.
I’ve tried “flatten” also but not compatible with a JSON object

How could I “stringify” the subtree as a string value? I thought that was “toString” purpose to take any kind of data…

Thanks for your help!

Hi @Romain_BOYER,

Would it be possible to post an example of the data you are starting with and what you want the end result to look like?

There are a few JSON modules available that you might be able to use.

You may need to use Transform to JSON module. The results of that would then go into your Google Sheet.


Faced the same problem… I need to stringify a JSON, because otherwise I get “Bad Request” response. The problem that I am providing a JSON in one of JSON’s parameter values.

Non-working JSON format

  "preferences": [
      "key": "gender",
      "external_id": "30130450399498",
      "answers": ["Man"]

Stringified JSON that works

{\"preferences\": [{\"key\": \"gender\", \"external_id\": \"30130450399498\", \"answers\": [\"Man\"]}

There is only a piece of big file, so it might be a JSON closing issues - ignore it :slight_smile:

Maybe you are aware of the solution to this issue?

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