Last bundle

Hi I want to get last orders in Shopify, put in a google sheet, do some modifications and calulations, save ONE csv (with the last bundle) and send ONE email

I did this and many other solutions but no one worked.
Stressed, tired, disappointed that make is working as Spoon Pentaho Hitachi

Someone can help please?


What do you want to do? By Last Order, Do you mean Last Line Items in Shopify Orders or is it the last order from Watch Orders module?

Can you briefly explain what you want to do with this? You can always use Array aggregator after everything is done, with source being the Watch orders module, which will ensure that you will send an email just once every run.

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Hi Runcorn

I use only shopify(get new orders) and csv no problems → 1 file → 1 mail
but when I pass the data to google sheet is creating all the iterations:
8 new orders → 8 arrays → 8 iterations → 8 mail
if I calculate lenght(array) is not working
get(reverse(array)),1) not working


I explain it better

My workflow is:

I set a filter to save the csv only when last iteration is done:

But in this example 2 new ordes the total of bundle is reached twice ! And sending 2 emails !!!


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Have you tried that? That’s how I usually solve this problem too. Just make sure to aggregate any field that you might need in the csv or mail module.

In your screenshot of the filter “last” you used the “Get Range Values” from google sheets. If the “Watch orders” module has more than one bundle, the google sheet modules will also have multiple operations and will therefore bypass the filter more than once.

Couldn’t you use your first shopify “Watch orders” trigger-module in the filter instead?

And: don’t give up :wink: Eventually you will run out of things that can go wrong!

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Many thanks to both !! and to this video : Bundles, Operations & Text Aggregator | Part 1: Introduction and Fundamentals - YouTube

THE IMPORTANT THING IS THE TRIGGER TO REFER TO (csv is an aggregator as well)
in this case the Shopify watch orders

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