Lexoffice and Voucher Numbers


I am trying to read a cell in Google Sheets which contains a Lexoffice Voucher Number, then use the Search Vouchers Module with this string and add the payment status to the same sheet.

What is working:

  • Reading the cell in sheets with the voucher number and passing it to the Lexoffice Search Vouchers Module
  • Update a cell in the same sheet

What isn’t working:
the search vouchers module can’t find any voucher numbers based on the value of the cell (even if I hard code an existing voucher number in the module, it can’t find it)

Based on the Lexoffice API voucher numbers need to be strings, which sheets gives me.

Any ideas?

Howdy @OHA_Daniel Welcome to the community!

I would love to help you troubleshoot this :smiley: But first: Can you quickly share a couple of screenshots with me of your scenario module configure sections.

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It is likely a particular quirk in data structure for either google or lexoffice,



thanks for looking into it. So, to start this is what the Lexoffice API gives out as voucher numbers

This is the Make setup:

And the individual parts:

Let me know if you need more info.

Have not forgotten your query :slight_smile:


reviewing the vouchers endpoint documentation.
will circle back this weekend.

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Did you find anything, or was it user error after all? :smile:

@JugaadiTech sorry to bother you again with this, but do you think there will be a solution soon? I will put my project on the backburner for a bit if it’s not the case, np.

hello? What happened to “I will circle back this weekend”?

Sorry Man,
Got slammed last week by the day job.
ended up working some 100 hours over the last 8 days, havent had a lot of breathing room

(also not being a native german speaker :rofl:) its taking me a bit to parse through some of it.

But i still have a recurring reminder to get a solution for ya :smiley:


All good, thanks for the update. Let me know if I can help with translation or something

You can close this if you want. I coded a solution in Google Apps Script directly by calling the Lexoffice API.

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