LinkedIn Get Organization using domain

I’m trying to use the LinkedIn Get Organization module in organization’s URL. I can use it successfully with the vanity-name option – but I know that vanity name already, then I know the LI URL for it. I want to use the email domain option, but I consistently get this error:


426: Requested version 20240201 is not active

Thanks in advance for any ideas how to address.

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Looks like LinkedIn has removed the API endpoint for the 20240201 version. Could you find what is the new version in the LinkedIn developer documentation so you can update your module to it?

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@samliew, thanks for your suggestion. Unfortunately, I am not set up as a LinkedIn developer. The module I’m referring to is the Search Organization module in the publicly published list. I agree, the possible solution is to find the API and use the LinkedIn Call API module…a bridge too far for me, I’m afraid. thx