List Webhooks linked to a specific connection

I am trying to delete an old connection in the “Connection” tab.
When I try to delete it, it is said that a webhook still depends on this connection ; therefore the connection can not be deleted.


I can not find the specific webhook, is there a way to find it ?


Hello there @Fanch :wave:

Unfortunately, there is currently no straightforward way to do this in the product. However, you can utilize the Make API to do this.

To begin, you would list all your connections in order to retrieve their IDs.

Next, you would list all your webhooks and locate the “Account” number under the “Data” section, which should match the connection ID.

Since there’s no built-in functionality for this specific task, you could submit it as a feature request to our Idea Exchange. This will allow other users to support and vote for this feature, increasing its chances of being implemented in the future.

Thank you for your reply @Michaela

I will have a look into this.


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